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for Both Lake owners and House Hunters in France

Bob is particularly pleased to be able to offer Lake owners and House Hunters the benefit of his experience and local knowledge.


Bob has over 30 years of Carp Angling experience, including fishing trips throughout Europe and being in the position of Bailiff on three different Lakes in the UK.

As a Bailiff , Bob gained first hand experience of all the various stages and procedures necessary to create a successful Carp Lake. He has been involved from the design, planning and construction, promotion and advertising, as well as bookings, the maintenance and work required to keep a Lake both profitable and healthy.  Therefore Bob does not just offer advice, he can put you in contact with the 'right' kind of people that he has had the pleasure of working with over the years who are well known and respected within the Carp fishing world.

Since living in France, Bob has already given Carp Lake owners the benefit of his advice and 'hands on' experience.  He has discovered that many new lake owners are completely unaware of the manner in which a lake has to be managed, they seem to think that, have Lake, fill it with fish, everyone will want to come and fish it.... that is all they need to do. It can take years to establish a well stocked lake with a full diary of bookings! There is far more to lake management than most people realize, even more so if you are looking to make a living from it.

Therefore, Bob genuinely feels that new lake owners with no experience or much prior knowledge should have the opportunity to ask for his advice and opinion.
Yes there are businesses in this area set up for this kind of consultancy work. However Bob has found that many of them make promises they cannot keep, only sell their own products, sometimes locking people into long term supply deals and contracts. Only last year Bob met one particular new lake owner who found themselves locked into an unsatisfactory contract of pellet supply for the next 10 years! These companies often  do not possess the full range of knowledge required for the running of a successful and profitable lake. They are just there to make money from unsuspecting New lake owners.

If you are interested in Bob coming to assess your lake or perhaps you just need guidance or pointing in the right direction, then please email him without any obligation or commitment. Bob sincerely wants to help people to  get the best from their investment.

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BY PHONE  From outside France 0033 555 64 48 35    within France  0555 64 48 35

If you are an established lake owner or a new one, Bob is searching for a position as a  Bailiff should you need one such as Bob with full experience.


Bobs crusade for Night fishing in La Creuse:

September 2008. Armed with several sheets of A4 filled with facts and figures, from other departments in France, Bob recently attended a local meeting of the Federation de Peche to discuss the fishing facilities in St Dizer Leyenne and the surrounding area.
At this meeting Bob pointed out to the committee that the difficult and somewhat ludicrous rules surrounding night carp fishing 'Peche de Nuit' in La Creuse were dissuading European carp anglers from coming to the region to fish and ultimately denying local communities of income.
   The committee were  astounded at the huge numbers of European Carp Anglers who come to other regions of France where Legal Night Fishing rules are more relaxed, and equally amazed at the sizes of some of the Carp caught.
   Thanks to the big impression Bob made at this meeting, the committee took his facts and figures away with them with the intention of presenting them to the annual meeting of the Federation de Peche of La Creuse being held later this year.

Lets hope Bob has done something positive to alert the Federation de Peche of La Creuse of the ridiculous rules on Legal Night carp fishing. Its just a start, this is France and it could take sometime before any impact or changes, if any, get made. But Bob will keep you updated to any news..



Are you thinking of buying a house or property in this area?
Not sure where to start or the best way to go about it?

Bob & Jan have seen many people over the years come looking for houses in this area, only to find that the local French estate agents are either very slow to move or unable to help people to understand the process fully. This is not fault of the French system, but things do work differently over here. So, Bob & Jan having already been through the process and encountering problems along the way themselves are armed with the know-how to get the best deals around.

Their local knowledge is invaluable to people considering the move which can seem daunting as so many people have differing opinions, plus the way the system works does vary between the different departments (regions) of France. Books have been written about how to buy over here, but often the information is far too general to be of any real use and sometimes out of date.

Bob & Jan, being on the 'plot' so to speak are fully conversant with how to find what you are looking for, and the best places to go to find the right house.

Add to this the fact that Bob has made firm contacts within the local Notaires, which whom is is necessary to deal with when purchasing a property,   he can help you get through the whole ordeal as painlessly as possible.

Bob does charge a small fee for this 'service' mainly due to the traveling costs and phone calls involved.

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BY PHONE  From outside France 0033 555 64 48 35    within France  0555 64 48 35





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Bob & Jan have decided to sell both their French Houses:


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Bob is also selling some of his Carp tackle & equipment. Go to the carp Angling page for more information



      Bob has a Hardy Mitre 'wondrex'  Super float Rod for sale.  Made in England it is an 11' split cane float rod which comes in 3 pieces.     It can be converted to a 6'9" Ledger Rod with the second top piece.     Reg No: 462199.  Comes in its original Canvas case.   Contact Bob,  for photos or offers.

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