we do not recommend use of a Sat Nav unless you become lost as often they send you dozens of miles the wrong way

From BELLEGARDE (Limoges) airport approx 60-80 minute drive. No speed cameras on this route.

This is not the shortest route but it cuts out Limoges centre altogether and is therefore much quicker. Its the route everyone who lives here uses to get to and from Limoges airport.

As soon as you come out of the airport you will immediately come to a roundabout- Go Straight On.
This next bit is VERY important. About half kilometer on you need the D2000 turn off which is on the left. This is very poorly signposted and you will not see it until you are on top of the turn. But what you will see is a bridge/road going overhead in front of you, and the left hand turn is immediately in front of the bridge. If you miss this turn you will become totally lost....I know this!
Having taken the left turn towards the D2000 it bends right round tightly on itself and ends in a T-junction. This is the D2000, turn right.
Continue along the D2000 going straight on at any roundabouts you come to for about 15-20 minutes until you come to a roundabout that is signposted for the A20. At this roundabout you still need to go Straight on heading towards RILAC RANCON but at this roundabout the D2000 number changes to the D914. You are heading towards RILAC RANCON on the D914.
There is one set of traffic lights in Rilac Rancon itself. Go straight on. Shortly after these lights there is a flat roundabout, again poorly signposted so keep a look out for it.
Continue all the way along the D914 all the way to the end, a T-Junction.
At this T-junction turn RIGHT heading towards AMBAZAC. Mainly Ambazac lies on your left side.  Keep going, keeping Ambazac on your left and you will come to a largish roundabout where you need to turn RIGHT onto the D5 heading towards ST LAURENT eglises and Sauviat sur vige. 
Stay on the D5 all the way and enjoy the scenery. Go straight through St Laurent. Much further on you will see the river Thauron and will traverse it via the 'Golden Bridge'......its painted yellow!
Just stay on the D5 all the way until you come to another T-Junction.
At this T-Junction you end up at the D941 formerly the N141. Turn LEFT and head towards SAUVIAT SUR VIGE, which is just down the road.
Just stay on the D941 all the way to Bourganeuf.
You will come to a roundabout just outside Bourganeuf, go straight on until you come to another roundabout in Bourganeuf itself (there is a covered fountain on the roundabout) and turn left to St Dizier Leyrenne/La Souterraine/Grand Bourg.
Follow this road for about 7-10 kms/mins and you will come to ST Dizier Leyrenne, where we live.
Go through the Village Centre, you will see a church and village 'Green' on your right and the road bends left and goes uphill. There is a green  garage (not petrol station, just a garage) on the left up the hill, and a Bar Tabac on the right.
As you pass the garage you will see on the left an elevated dull pinky/white house on a corner surrounded by a wire fence. There is a RED fire Hydrant outside.
The village road bears right. BUT this house is located bang on the corner of a left hand turn, almost like a fork in the road. The Road you are on veers right, the turn off veers left up a hill, take this left 'fork' past the corner house ( the house is wider at the back than the front as its built into the shape of the 'fork'. There is a small private for sale sign outside the house (forget it.... its owned by Parisians and are asking ridiculous money for it) and a tall pillar in the tiny front garden with a cross on the top,
I've explained this fully as many people miss this turn, and this house is the only landmark for the turn off.
Continue for 100 yards or so until you come to a cross roads where directly in front of you, you will see a red STOP sign and a railway line going left to right, recycle bins on your left.
Go straight over at the crossroads, over the railway line and IMMEDIATELY after the railway line on your RIGHT there is a narrow pale graveled 'road' right in front of 2 pinky double newish houses. This 'road' runs alongside the railway line.
B&B down the track 4th/last house on the left.
15 Rue de Poulbrier.
If you get lost 0555 64 48 35 or ask in the Bar tabac 'ou est chez le Grand Robert?' (BigBob) And she will explain to you in perfect French!
Bon Voyage
Bob & Jan

    PS You may want to print off a map to find exactly the B&B in ST Dizier CLICK HERE