we do not recommend use of a Sat Nav unless you become lost as often they send you dozens of miles the wrong way


Arrive any port:
take A16 to Boulogne to FERRY PORT ( 2 mins off A16)
Petrol station left off roundabout....CHEAPEST IN FRANCE!

DO NOT go 'through' any of the following towns, just 'head for' them

Take the A16 to Abbville
Near to Abbville pick up the A28 towards ROUEN

AT Rouen pick up the N154 towards EVEREUX.

From near Evereux take the N154 towards DREUX.

At near Dreuex get the N154 towards CHATRES.

At near Chatres pick up the N154 towards ORLEANS
Turn onto the A10 at Junction 12 on A10
The A10 CHANGES INTO the A71 towards VIERZON

At near Vierzon come off the A71 and pick up the A20 to LIMOGES.
At Junction 23 on A20 take N145 towards Gueret.

Turn RIGHT onto the D912 towards Bourganeuf

When you see the sign for entering the actual Village of St Dizier Leyrenne ( white with a red surround) you will need to take the first right hand turn you come to after this sign. The turn off is on the right, almost like a 'fork' in the road, distinguishable by a 4' white post on each corner with a single red band.

Having taken this right turn, continue for 400 yards or so and you will see ahead of you on your right 4 or so big blue recycling bins which are on a crossraods. Turn right again IN FRONT of these bins at the crossroads

Go straight over the railway line and IMMEDIATELY after the railway line on your RIGHT there is a narrow pale graveled 'road' right in front of 2 pinky double newish houses. This 'road' runs alongside the railway line.
B&B down this road 4th/last house on the left.
15 Rue de Poulbrier.

If you go past a village green and Church on your left you have gone too far, turn around, go back and look for the house with a red fire hydrant outside on the left, take the left hand turn.

If you get lost 0555 64 48 35 or ask in the Bar tabac 'ou est chez le Grand Robert?' (BigBob) And she will explain to you in perfect French!

    PS You may want to print off a map of finding exactly the B&B in ST Dizier CLICK HERE